Terms of services

Terms of service


This Software License Agreement (this „Agreement”) is between you (either an individual or an entity, referred to hereinafter as „client”, „Service Recipient”, „you” or „your”) and Panther.software, a wholly-owned company by Damian Bartelmus, and its affiliates („Panther.software”, „we”, „our” or „us”, sometimes „Service Provider”) for the Panther.software software that accompanies this Agreement, as may be updated or replaced by feature enhancements, software updates or maintenance releases (the „Software”) and any services that may be provided by Panther.software under this Agreement („Services”). Do not use the Software until you have carefully read the following Agreement.

By ordering, downloading, installing, accessing, using or entering into any interaction with the Software (or authorizing any other person to do so) you are indicating that you are capable of entering into a binding legal agreement, have read and understand this Agreement and you accept its terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not order, install, access, download, use or interact with the Software.

The Panther.software website and subpages are intellectual property rights within the meaning of the law. These rights can be enforced by the court through a lawsuit (if necessary). All content and systems are protected by copyright and may only be used if a special contract is issued by Panther.software.

Types and scope of services

The service provider provides through this service services specified, described and available on the date of conclusion of the contract for the provision of services.

The condition to provide the aforementioned services is compliance with the law by the client and not posting illegal content.

Activating the service

The customer places the order from https://panther.software/ or https://host.panther.software/, or from the client’s panel within the internet address https://panther.software/ or https://host.panther.software/

Activation of the service is carried out half-automatically or fully-automatically, it can be verified by an employee. After activation, the client receives an login data for his panel/services.

The customer has the option of testing the service free of charge – by the number of days appropriately described at the time of ordering (if available) since the account was created.

After the test period, the service is automatically blocked, if the proforma / document / invoice has not been paid. Then, after 30 days from the date of blocking the account, data saved in the test period are removed without calling the Customer for payment.

After paying for the service, the test account becomes a paid account, the data saved in the test period is stored on the server.

By accepting these regulations, the consumer consents to the provision of services before the expiry of the deadline referred to in Article 27 of the Act on consumer rights of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827).


You may not give copies to another person, or duplicate the Software by any other means, including electronic transmission. You may make one copy of the Software in machine-readable form for backup purposes only; provided that the backup copy must include all copyright or other proprietary notices contained on the original. You may not rent, sublicense, assign, lease, loan, resell for profit, distribute, publish or network the Software or related materials or create derivative works based upon the Software or any part thereof.

You may not use the Software to engage in or allow others to engage in any illegal activity where the Software is accessed and used. You may not use the Software to engage in any activity that will violate the rights of third parties, including, without limitation, through the use, public display, public performance, reproduction, distribution, or modification of communications or materials that infringe copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, privacy rights, other proprietary rights, or rights against defamation of third parties.

Ownership Rights

The Software is licensed to you by Panther.software for use only under the terms and conditions of the License. Panther.software reserves all rights not granted to you. The Software in its entirety is protected by European, U.S. and international copyright laws and treaty provisions. Panther.software owns and retains all right, title and interest in and to the Software, including all copyrights, patents, trade secret rights, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights therein. Our Software is divided into: services (standalone or based on products), Custom Software Implementation (or development) and products. Custom Software are typical based on open source code and they are being entirely owned by customer and his/her company. Exceptions are renting, sublicensing, assigning, leasing, loaning, reselling for profit, distributing, publishing or networking rights. Every attempt of these must be agreed with Panther.software.

Your possession, installation, or use of the Products does not transfer to you any title to the intellectual property in the Software, and you will not acquire any rights to the Products except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. All copies of the Products made hereunder must contain the same proprietary notices that appear on and in the Products, including all Products copyright notices embedded in any design template which must remain unaltered from the original and visible at all times. Renting, sub-licensing, assigning, leasing, loaning, reselling for profit, distributing, publishing, networking rights are not allowed. Every attempt of these must be agreed with Panther.software.


Unless you attempt to rent, sublicense, assign, lease, loan, resell for profit, distribute, publish or network Custom Software Developments you possess all rights for the Software. Not agreed by Panther.software renting, sublicensing, assigning, leasing, loaning, reselling for profit, distributing, publishing or network the Custom Software Developments is illegal.

The License for the Products is effective until terminated. You may terminate the License at any time by uninstalling the Software and destroying all copies of the Software in any media. This Agreement may be terminated by Panther.software immediately and without notice if you fail to comply with any term or condition of the License or this Agreement. Upon such termination, you must immediately cease using the Software, and destroy all complete and partial copies of the Software and/or access data to any given software.

No Warranties

You accept the software „as is,” and we make no warranty as to its use, performance, or otherwise. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all other representations, warranties, and conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the software remains with you (this is due to the characteristics of the functioning and complexity of information systems, scripts, functions, etc.).

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Panther.software, internet brands and its affiliates will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, or the like), whether based on breach of contract, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if Panther.software, internet brands or its representatives or affiliates have been advised of the possibility of such damages and even if a remedy set forth herein is found to have failed of its essential purpose. The limitations of the damages set forth herein are fundamental elements of the basis of the bargain between Panther.software and you; Panther.software would not have been able to provide the software to you without such limitations (this is due to the characteristics of the functioning and complexity of information systems, scripts, functions, etc.).

Fees and Payments

By purchasing our products with an annual license you acquire yearly access to our technical support and product’s/services updates (usually implemented automatically). Each subsequent year of the license renewal, access to technical support and product’s updates shall be paid in accordance with the valid offer. By purchasing our products with an owned license you acquire yearly access to our technical support and product’s updates. Each subsequent year of access to technical support and product’s updates shall be paid in accordance with the valid offer. We reserve the rights to charge fees for future services in our sole discretion as well as change prices of our products and services at any time. If we decide to charge for the services, you will be given prior notice before we impose the charge. By accepting this document upon purchasing services from us, you agree to receive PDF Pro-Formas/Invoices documents on email address provided during registration process. Missing payment for any Service including but not limited to custom software development, will result in suspension of all customer’s existing services including but not limited to product licenses.

After the end of the billing period, the Customer has the right to extend the service in accordance with the applicable price list.
Payment for a test account can be made during the service test and up to 30 days after its completion.
The Service Provider 14 days before the end of the service provision will send the Service Recipient information on the possibility of extending the service period.
In case of blocking the service, it can be unblocked on the basis of the electronic payment confirmation sent (this does not apply to Internet domains).

The service provider may refuse to register the domain, among others if:

  • when you try to register a domain, this domain is already reserved or registered
  • The recipient has no right to purchase a given domain, eg. it is a city name or a registered trade mark
  • The customer has provided an incorrect domain name
  • The service user provided incorrect data, which according to the NASK regulations (http://www.dns.pl/regulamin.html) may result in domain suspension

In the case of a fee for a domain other than the period specified on the invoice, the Service Provider does not guarantee registration of the indicated domain.
Registrar of domains and SSL certificates in order to confirm the compliance of data has the right to take appropriate measures (including sending a verification email) to identify the owner of the domain and the correctness of the registration data.

The invoice for the service will be issued by the Service Provider in the month of activation, and sent to the customer via email.


We provide you with a mechanism to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas about the Software. You agree that we may use the feedback you provide in any way, including in future modifications of the Software. You grant us a perpetual, worldwide, fully transferable, non-revocable, royalty free license to use, modify, create derivative works from, distribute and display any information you provide to us in the feedback (eg. in customer reviews on the home page or as a tip to improve the service/program).

Delivery Policy

Upon receipt of your Product order, you will either be prompted to begin your download immediately or you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download. If you are prompted to begin your download immediately, your completion of the download will constitute delivery to you of the item(s) you purchased. If you receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, the receipt by you of the e-mail will constitute delivery by us to you of the item(s) you purchased. In case you are unable to download the item(s) you purchase or you do not receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, you must contact us within 5 days from the date of your Product order. If you do not contact us within 5 days from the date of your Product order, the item(s) you purchased will be considered received, downloaded and delivered to you.

Upon receipt of your Custom Software/services order, the services will be performed to you in accordance with the terms applicable to the services that you purchased. The nature of the services you purchased and the date of your purchase may impact the timing of performance of the services. The services will be deemed to be successfully delivered to you upon performance of the services.

Your commitments

All Clients are obliged to comply with Polish and International law and contractual rules of using the Internet. Customers undertake, among others, not to infringe the personal rights of third parties through content or content placed on its accounts.

Panther.software reserves the right to suspend the service without refund of the fee incurred for using the service if:

  • the User’s account will contain content that is contrary to Polish and international law, including racist, fascist, hateful, religious, racial, denominational, personal or pornographic content.
  • The recipient will send messages and unsolicited content by the recipient, including type of spam
  • The client works to the detriment of other Internet users
  • The customer did not pay the service fee in due time
  • The recipient launches shoutcast, dcchub or other programs that broadcast real-time audio or video
  • The customer repeatedly exceeds or excessively uses system / computing resources (violation of stability).

It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain current contact details saved in the customer’s panel.

The Service Recipient can not provide third party access passwords unless these entities have the appropriate authorization.

If the Service Provider receives information about the use of the service provided electronically contrary to the Regulations or with applicable regulations (unauthorized use), the service provider may process the personal data of the Service Provider to the extent necessary to determine the responsibility of the Service Recipient.

In the case of claims of third parties addressed to the Service Provider for unlawful actions of the Customer or failure to comply with these Regulations by the Service Provider, the Service Provider reserves further legal effects in relation to the Service Recipient.

Refund Policy

By ordering, downloading, installing, accessing, using or entering into any interaction with the Software (or authorizing any other person to do so) you indicate that you are aware of and you accept our Refund Policy.


Privacy Policy


The operator of the website www.panther.software (Panther.software) and the administrator of personal data (collected in accordance with the principles described in this Privacy Policy) operating at: https://panther.software/ or https://host.panther.software/ or https://admin.panther.software/ is the company Panther.software Damian Bartelmus based in Wroclaw, Poland – with Tax Identification Number: 6731902275 (EU TAX ID: PL6731902275).

The website performs the functions of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following way:

By information entered voluntarily in forms.
By saving cookies in the end devices (so-called „cookies”).
By collecting web server logs by the hosting operator OVH SAS, operating at https://www.ovh.pl or https://www.ovh.net

Customer service office

Panther.software customer support is provided round the clock via:

e-mail: contact@panther.software
telephone: +48 726 843 700
website: Customer Service Online

Panther.software is located in: Poland, Wroclaw, Bialowieska 38/27 street – the contact person is Damian Bartelmus and employees available during using contact information above.

Security of personal data

Personal data will be stored mainly in Panther.software data bases or databases belonging to service providers of Panther.software company. Databases are located in Poland and in the European Union (optional in the United States of America). Panther.software takes all appropriate steps, by contract or otherwise, to ensure the proper protection of personal data disclosed to third parties or transferred to other countries.

Panther.software takes appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal data. Although we strive to protect your personal data against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration, as with all computer networks connected to the Internet, we can not guarantee the total security of information transmitted over the internet and we are not responsible for security breaches that we have not had any impact in a reasonable dimension.

Time of personal data storage

The duration of personal data storage depends on their purpose and how they are used. The storage time of certain types of data is governed by the applicable law. We do not store other data for longer than necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.

Access to personal data

You have the right to view, update and delete your personal data provided to us by contacting us at contact@panther.software or by telephone on +48 726 843 700 or by Online Customer Service.
In some cases, you have the option of editing and deleting data directly on your account panel on Panther.software website/subsites.

Data from forms

Website collects information provided voluntarily by the user.

The website can also save information about the connection parameters (time stamp, IP address)

Data in the form are not shared with third parties other than with the consent of the user.

The data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of a specific form (eg in order to process the service request or order).

The data provided in the forms may be transferred to entities technically performing certain services – in particular, it concerns the transfer of information about the registered domain holder to entities that operate internet domains, payment services websites or other entities with whom the Website Operator cooperates in this layer.

Information about cookies

The website uses cookies.

Cookie files (so-called „cookies”) are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored in the Website User’s end device and are intended for using the Website’s websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, their storage time on the end device and a unique number.

The entity that places cookies on the Website User’s end device and who has access to them is the Website operator.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • creating statistics that help to understand how the Website Users use websites, which allows improving their structure and content;
  • maintaining the Website User’s session (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter his login and password on every subpage of the Website;
  • determining the user’s profile in order to display him tailored materials in advertising networks, in particular the Google network.

The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.

Software for browsing websites (web browser) usually by default allows storing cookies on the User’s end device. Website Users can change the settings in this area. The web browser allows you to delete cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information on this subject is provided in the help or documentation of the web browser.

Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website.


Google’s advertising requirements can be summed up by Google’s Advertising Principles. They are put in place to provide a positive experience for users. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/1316548?hl=en

We may use Google AdSense Advertising on our website.
Google, as a third-party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our site. Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to our users based on previous visits to our site and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt-out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google Ad and Content Network privacy policy.

We along with third-party vendors, such as Google use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) or other third-party identifiers together to compile data regarding user interactions with ad impressions and other ad service functions as they relate to our website.

Opting out: Users can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Settings page. Alternatively, you can opt out by visiting the Network Advertising initiative opt out page or permanently using the Google Analytics Opt Out Browser add on.

Server logs

Information about some of the behaviors of users are subject to logging in the server layer. These data are used only to administer the website and to ensure the most efficient service of hosting services.

The browsed resources are identified by URL addresses. In addition, the subscription may be subject to:

  • date of request,
  • time to send a response,
  • name of the client’s station – identification carried out by the HTTPS protocol,
  • information about errors that occurred during the execution of HTTPS transactions,
  • URL address of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) – in the case when the website was accessed via a link,
  • information about the user’s browser,
  • Information about the IP address.

The above data is not associated with specific people browsing the site.

The above data is used only for server administration purposes.


All content of this site is protected by economic and intellectual property rights. All trademarks, logos (including logotypes and signs), photos, screenshots, tables, comparisons, service marks, names, etc. contained in this website are the property of Panther.software Damian Bartelmus, +48 726 843 700, contact@panther.software – www.panther.software, their use, copying and/or distribution without the prior consent of the relevant entity is not allowed and will be enforced by law if necessary.

Providing data

Data are made available to third parties only within legally permitted limits.

Data enabling the identification of a natural person is made available only with the consent of that person.

The operator may be required to provide information collected by the Website to authorized authorities on the basis of lawful requests to the extent resulting from the request.


Panther.software Damian Bartelmus will not be responsible for any actions of third parties (non-authorized employees and business partners of Panther.software), which will result from the functioning, accessibility, changes, appearance, etc. of services and applications of these entities.

Managing „cookies” files – how to agree or disagree in practice?

If the user does not want to receive cookies, he can change the browser settings. We reserve that disabling cookies necessary for authentication processes, security, maintaining user preferences may make it difficult, and in extreme cases may prevent the use of websites.


This website / site is for informational purposes only. The information contained on this website is not legally binding and does not constitute an offer, including within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code (Polish Law). The information contained on the website does not constitute assurance, in particular within the meaning of art. 556 of the Civil Code (Polish Law).

Despite making every effort to ensure that the information published on the website is accurate and accurate, Panther.software does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or veracity of any information contained on the website www.panther.software, it may be due to the independence of software providers and progressive software version – therefore the actual data may differ slightly from the data given on the website.

Panther.software reserves the right to make changes to the site at any time without prior notice. The changes can be applied to all elements of the site.

Changes to Policy and our Privacy Statements
Panther.software reserves the right to update and change this Privacy Policy and Detailed Declarations at any time without prior notice.


The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have emails stopped from being sent to them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

We collect your email address in order to:

  • Send information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.
  • Process orders and to send information and updates pertaining to orders.
  • We may also send you additional information related to your product and/or service.
  • Market to our mailing list or continue to send emails to our clients after the original transaction has occurred.

To be in accordance with CAN-SPAM we agree to the following:

  • not use false or misleading subjects or email addresses.
  • Identify the message as an advertisement in some reasonable way.
  • Include the physical address of our business or site headquarters.
  • Monitor third-party email marketing services for compliance, if one is used.
  • Honor opt-out/unsubscribe requests quickly.
  • Allow users to unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of each email.

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at

  • Follow the instructions at the bottom of each email.

and we will promptly remove you from all correspondence.


Refund policy

Products and services

Panther.software always makes every effort to eliminate any reported defects in the shortest time possible. In almost all cases we are able to quickly and efficiently solve all the problems associated with our products, environment and/or services.

7-Day Free Access (optional)

Sometimes to our products with the annual license, we offer 7-Day Free Access which allows you to carefully check all its features before reaching a purchase decision. We encourage you to take the opportunity to test our products freely as it will prevent many unnecessary misunderstandings. If you are unsure whether our products satisfy your expectations, we urge you to create a ticket and ask for clarification.

14-Day Guarantee

Bearing in mind your highest comfort and satisfaction of our customers, we allow a single, unconditional and completely free license switch of each product with the annual license during the first 14 days from the moment of its purchase. The obtained product license can be switched on your request to the license of any other product from our offer retaining differences in price, remaining the license validity period and excluding refunds. Each subsequent license switch on demand requires an additional payment. Changing the license is conditionally limited by the type and specificity of the services (eg hosting for hosting – yes, change of domain after registration – no).


If Panther.software offers goods that have been bought off-premises or at a distance (eg in an online store) – you can return in accordance with applicable law. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days and the obligation to return the goods within the next 14 days.

If Panther.software offers non-tangible and non-returnable goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is finalized and the product is activated. The only exception is when customer requests the refund within 14 days from the moment of purchase and the product itself has been neither downloaded nor used by the customer. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this legally authorized entry, when purchasing any software, electronic product or service on our website.

The purchase of a product implies acceptance of all its advantages and disadvantages. Refunds on the grounds of customer’s believes that the product does not meet their expectations will not be issued.

Open source products shall not be reimbursable or exchanged. Please consider your purchase carefully.

Custom developed software

If you conclude that our custom software development services do not meet your expectations, you are able to get a full or partial refund depending on the development progress status before the project is finished:

100% refund when the development has not started yet

Product Services

The products we offer related to services (service as a product) include: installation services, template integration, priority support, website implementation, graphic implementation, administration, etc. – because such services are immaterial and non-returnable, we do not return funds after starting work. However, we provide the highest quality of service and a guarantee to best meet your expectations.

Any questions regarding this refund policy can be directed to the address: contact@panther.software